Me And Bayleigh’s AMAZING Coffee Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The AMAZING Coffee Cup !!! Photo Took By: Alysha

       By looking at the amazing picture above you’re probably wondering, why is there a pic of a cup, well, this cup wasn’t made in a factory, well the lid and aluminum can was, but, the rest we created!! And in the post I’m going to explain to you about THIS amazing cup that me and Bayleigh created!!!!! 😀

       This cup, wow, didn’t really take that long to create to be honest, 😛 but, it took a lot of hard work to create it! We started of by using aluminum cup, then wraped spray foam instulation on strips of duct tape, put another piece of duct tape on that strip, after we made 3 strips, we wraped them around the cup! But there’s more! We had this foam instualtion that was VERY thick, so we wraped it around the cup to make it fit, then finally wraped duct tape around that and finally put the thermos lid on! TaDa !! 🙂 Sound great eh??

      Finally we had to test this cup, so, we took some water that was put in the cup at 48C, (48 degrees celcius), then after 30 minutes passed the final temperature was……………………….43C!! (43 degrees celcius)!!!!!!! So overall our cup is great for keeping heat in!! The grade we got on it was 3+!! We did a great job!!!

       So, what do ya think? Do you think we did an amazing jod creating this amazing cup? Comment and lets see!! 😀

Always Proud!!

      Well, you might or might be wondering what this post is going to be about, but I’m not going to tell you, you’re just going to have to keep reading on to find out. 😉 But, this is a Student Blogging Challenge post though, so here’s the Student Blogging Challenge Meme Post!

      Anyways, there are mant things in my life that I’m proud of, but the one thing I’m most proud of is when I did skating! I did skating for 4 years! I started when I was 7 and continued all the way till I was 11! I also won two second place medels in a competion!! Here’s a photo of what they look like, although they do look a little different. 😛 My Two Silver Skating Medels!! Photo Took By: Alysha!!






            Skating has always been important in my life and it is something that truley shows who I am!! What is something that makes you glow in your life? Comment and lets find out!!!!! 😀 BUT, here’s the links of people I tagged for the meme post on the Student Blogging Challenge website!!!

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Time To Vote!!!

      Don’t worry, 😉 I’m to young to vote. BUT, I am old enough to state my opinion on who should win the election!! And that is EXACTLY what this post is going to be about!

      So, all of ya have heard about the time to vote on May 2nd right? Pretty sure you have. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m to young to vote, but if I were able to vote, I would deffinitily Stephen Harper!! And these are my reasons why! Everyone has there own opinion, and mine is to vote for him. This is because he has very good reasons to become prime minister, an example is thay he says, “We will be providing $20 million over two years for the Canada Youth Business Foundation, enabling young Canadians to launch more than 1,000 new businesses and generate an estimated 6,700 new jobs.”  That is the most important reason of why I think he should be elected! Now here’s a little comic i made!:


 This Amazing Comic Made By Me !!

      Well, did you enjoy? I hope you did!! 🙂 Now that you know who I think should be elected for prime minister, who do you think should be elected? Comment to share YOUR opinion!!! 😀

My Computer Blew UP!!!!!!

      Don’t worry; my computer didn’t literally blow up. 😉 That’s just the title of the story I’m going to tell you!! Hope you enjoy it and learn some facts from it too!!

      “I’m home!!” Alysha shouted. This girl, well, she is a funny, smart, sarcastic girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. “That’s nice… what did you all learn at school today?” Her mom replied. Her mom is a nice, older woman!

      “Well, in science today we learned that uhh, I forget, wait, that certain objects in our world can change temperatures. Computer chips warm up when a computer is turned on and cool down when it is turned off. Buildings and bridges warm up during the day, and then cool down again at night.” Alysha replied. “Aha, remember that the next time you leave your computer on, wouldn’t want that to blow up!” her mom exclaimed. Unfortunately, she left out the part that Materials expand and contract, sometimes dramatically, during temperature changes. So, if she did leave her computer on for a while, there could be a very likely chance that it will blow up!!!

      After time passed, she woke up in the morning, went on her computer. Then left to school. Guess what happens next? “Back from school, again…” Alysha exclaimed. As she took off her backpack and left to the living room all of the sudden she saw her computer steaming!! “uh oh…” *BOOOM*!!! She quickly covered her head from shattered computer pieces everywhere!! “Oops, mom was right; I should have remembered to turn off my laptop…”

 The End!!

      Well, did you enjoy my educational story? 😉 I hope you did, comment and let’s see what you thought was amazing!!! 

There All Around Us!!!

Make your own drawings at SketchfuMore from this artist at SketchfuShare this drawing from Sketchfu
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      Uh oh… what’s going on that sound so serious?!?! Just kidding. 😛 It’s nothing serious; it’s just another amazing post about… SCIENCE (again)!!!! But not like the post before this one, it’s totally different!! Hope ya learn lots from this post like you hopefully did from the other one. 😉

      Heat… and matter, do they honestly mix??? I wonder… Well, today, scientists use a theory called, the particle theory of matter! Know, scientist figure that the faster a particle moves, the warmer the material feels, and if the particle moves slower, the material feels colder! This is because the warmth is caused by motion of the small, invisible particles that make up matter!! Cool eh? 😀 All of this became a part of the particle theory, which is a theory that explains what matter is made of, and how it behaves.

      I hope this makes sense to you, does to me… Anyways, when warm objects come in contact with cold objects, well, of course energy is being transferred, so in this case, the faster-moving particles of the warm object bump into the slower moving particles of the cold object.

      Wow, I know I learned lots more just from 1 post! And as I said in the intro, “Hope you learn lots”, did you learn lots??? Now there’s a question… comment and let’s see if YOU did! 😀

Warmth and Cooolneess!!!!!

      Did you know? Just kidding, 😉 I’m not going to start off with a boring post; I’m going to make it entertaining in an educational way!! Amazing eh? Anyways, let’s get back on track. You might or might not be wondering what this new post is going to be about, well, it’s on……. SCIENCE! And how humans use heating and cooling in their daily lives.   

      As some of you know, most living things interact with warmth and coldness, I know I do. 😛 Anyways, we all need a certain amount of warmth to stay alive right? Well, what do you do to keep warm in cold weather? I bet you and other people mostly dress warm (lot’s of warm clothing), keeping active or by heating your house with furnaces and fireplaces. Lots of  birds in colder areas fly south for winter, unlike other animals that like to bath in the sun! But other living things might have to avoid lots of heat because it might be dangerous to them!! Others might know how to deal with the heat though… Example, dogs pant to cool off. But, humans don’t pant, that would be weird… Anyways, when the weather is hot humans use air conditioners and electric fans to cool off!    

      Like every house, most homes and buildings are designed to keep their place warm or cold depending the weather. Plus want to know something weird? North America is a $12 billion industry using heating, ventilation and air conditioning!?! Bet you didn’t know that… 😉

      So, how do you heat you home? Because for so long people have used fire to heat their home, using blinds on the windows and by planting shaded trees!! But today, most homes in Ontario are built with heating systems and air conditioners, that’s how my house is. (I think)… 😛 If you were wondering, fans don’t use as much energy as air conditioners do… Although, heating and cooling is an expensive product and can release many toxic fumes into the air!! That means they’re harmful to the environment!! Uh oh!! So, don’t you think we should stop turning them on so often? We could turn it on for a few minutes then turn it off to keep the house at a comfortable temperature!! Plus doing that saves a lot of energy! 

      Well, I just realized I always finish with the word “well”! I’m going to make an interesting conclusion instead! WOW!!! Now that you know so much information about heating and cooling, you should make a difference in the environment too, don’t ya think? Comment and let’s see! 😀 Here’s a little survey you should complete!!

Summer’s On Its Way!!!!

An Awesome Tree!!

      Guess what, nevermind, no need to guess… 😉 The weather is  FINALLY warming up!!! So, guess what this post is going to be about? 😉

      I’m pretty sure most of you Canadians have been sick and tired of the cold weather eh? Now lots of ya can’t wait for the SUMMER! I know I am! At first I couldn’t wait for winter, hard to believe that, but anyways, now I want summer to be here because there would be no more school, tired of that too. 😉 Today was probably one of the nicest days so far of spring! I was outside all day today. (Not literally). Me my mom, sister and dad, all went for a bike ride! After me and my friend Grace hung out for a long time!! It was awesome.. I’m in now, but I’ll be out after dinner probably at the park. 😛

      Well, after hearing about the warm weather has been for me, how has it been for you? That means you Canadians reading this post! 😀 Comment and share what YOU have been doing!!

The Sport Of Them All……BADMINTON!!!


      BADMINTON!! In my opinion, I L.O.V.E to play badminton, it’s fun and an exercise! Some people think badminton is a “girly” sport… but it’s not, so, as you can see, this post will be about badminton! (my second favourtie sport). 😉

      In my school, there is a bunch of sport teams to try out, I like sports, but I don’t  bother to try out for the teams, execpt for badminton. 😛 The only reason I ever decided to try out for this soort is becuase in grade 5, my brother said I should try out for the badminton team becuase I was good at the sport… so I did in grade 6! I made the team and was doubles with Alex! It was fun!! We got far!!!

      This year so far is a different story… when the weather started to clear up outside me and my brother would play on the street together! It was quite fun actually. 😛 This year our badminton try-out coach is Ms. Knill. She’s a great teacher, but always make us work out hard before we play!! This year the only girls from grade 7 that tryed out for the team was me, Courtney , and Charlie!!! I hope all of us make the team! Mostly because were all great at the sport… 🙂

       So, know you know how my life is with the sport, badminton, 😛 what’s your life like with sports?? 😀 Comment an share your opinion!!

And The Lights Go Down!!

      Heey, I haven’t been posting on my blog lately because of how busy I have been, I think I’m going to catch up on that. Anyways, speaking of being busy, how many of you participated in Earth Hour!? Let’s see some comments about that. 😉 Well, I know I did, and that’s what this post is going to be about!! 

      Some of you may be wondering “what is Earth Hour?” well, Earth Hour is a global activity where people shut their lights out for an hour!! And even though Earth Hour has already passed, we can still know some info about it. This year, at 8:30p.m on Saturday, March 26th, everyone around the world will shut out their lights, but you’re not forced too, still you should have turned them out anyways!! There are many activities you could do, you could play games around candles, played hide-and-go-seek in the dark with your family, or just hung out with some candles around the house!! If you want some more info on Earth Hour, follow this link:

      For Earth Hour at my house, it was my sister’s birthday party, so we turned off every light in the house, got her cake, put candles in it and celebrated her birthday!! After that we put some candles around the house and hung out! But I’m not too sure what my brother was up to though, but oh well!!

      Well, now that you know lots of information about Earth Hour, maybe you’ll come and join the global event too!! 🙂

Compassion, What’s That??

      Exactly as the title says, what is compassion? Well… if you were wondering compassion is where you feel bad for someone that’s in distress and you feel there pain. Now here’s a question, have you ever felt compassion? I have, it’s not a nice feeling, but, let’s get started!

      So, compassion is something not everyone is going to feel, I don’t, regularly, but I’m going to explain to you a news article called HV News Staff, Hudson Valley News. This news article explains why The Valley Compassion, the group will fight factory farming and advocate organizing and educating the community, challenging local restaurants to offer vegan options and lobbying for humane treatment at local and state levels. Aren’t ya wondering where this might be held? Well, this was at 11 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month at the Wherehouse, 119 Liberty St., Newburgh. When it was, was August 25, 2010. Why they had this meeting was because the group wanted to fight factory farming! Why I think this article shows compassion is because the group feels compassion over the factory farming!! 🙂 If you want to hear more about it follow this link –

      Well, what do ya think? Did I give you a clear explanation of what compassion is? I hope I did! Now, will you feel compassion for somebody? I hope so! 🙂