There All Around Us!!!

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      Uh oh… what’s going on that sound so serious?!?! Just kidding. 😛 It’s nothing serious; it’s just another amazing post about… SCIENCE (again)!!!! But not like the post before this one, it’s totally different!! Hope ya learn lots from this post like you hopefully did from the other one. 😉

      Heat… and matter, do they honestly mix??? I wonder… Well, today, scientists use a theory called, the particle theory of matter! Know, scientist figure that the faster a particle moves, the warmer the material feels, and if the particle moves slower, the material feels colder! This is because the warmth is caused by motion of the small, invisible particles that make up matter!! Cool eh? 😀 All of this became a part of the particle theory, which is a theory that explains what matter is made of, and how it behaves.

      I hope this makes sense to you, does to me… Anyways, when warm objects come in contact with cold objects, well, of course energy is being transferred, so in this case, the faster-moving particles of the warm object bump into the slower moving particles of the cold object.

      Wow, I know I learned lots more just from 1 post! And as I said in the intro, “Hope you learn lots”, did you learn lots??? Now there’s a question… comment and let’s see if YOU did! 😀

5 thoughts on “There All Around Us!!!

  1. Hi Alysha! I am Rachster from Adelaide, Australia and I am in grade 7.

    I loooove your blog and all the content on it. I really like the ‘sketchfu’ thing! I am going to try that out when I finish this comment! 😉
    Science isn’t something I reeeaally enjoy but, as your post suggests, it is very important, science is!

    Keep up the awesome work!
    Rachster 😀

  2. Dear alysha,
    I LOVE your explanation of the particle theory and it makes perfect sense just the way you told it.

    Could you make a sketchfu that shows what the particles look like when they are cold and then when they are warm?

    Did you know that warm and cold is something that depends on the kind of “stuff” the particles are made of? Just like things have different melting temperatures….they have different temperatures for everything in particle theory, too!!!!

    Mrs. R

  3. Ya .. If i could get the time I could possibly make that sketchfu . Thanks for the advice . 😀

  4. A good summary Alysha and I enjoyed how you used SketchFu to provide the main points.

    Do you think this would have been more effective in the middle of your post as its the main points (I think it has a benefit as an intro too).

    I do like how Mrs R suggested you add another sketchfu to visualize what the particles look like when hot and cold.

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