Always Proud!!

      Well, you might or might be wondering what this post is going to be about, but I’m not going to tell you, you’re just going to have to keep reading on to find out. 😉 But, this is a Student Blogging Challenge post though, so here’s the Student Blogging Challenge Meme Post!

      Anyways, there are mant things in my life that I’m proud of, but the one thing I’m most proud of is when I did skating! I did skating for 4 years! I started when I was 7 and continued all the way till I was 11! I also won two second place medels in a competion!! Here’s a photo of what they look like, although they do look a little different. 😛 My Two Silver Skating Medels!! Photo Took By: Alysha!!






            Skating has always been important in my life and it is something that truley shows who I am!! What is something that makes you glow in your life? Comment and lets find out!!!!! 😀 BUT, here’s the links of people I tagged for the meme post on the Student Blogging Challenge website!!!

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3 thoughts on “Always Proud!!

  1. Heyyy thanks for tagging me 🙂
    Something i am proud of is that I ALWAYS stay true to myself no matter what!! 🙂
    See ya Later!! Come see my blog! (You know where it is 😉

  2. Your welcome .. 😛 And when I get the time I’ll come visit your blog .

  3. It looks like you had success with skating, and what a great hobby.

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